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After a conversation about the dearth of long-form femslash and lady-centric podfic I got to thinking; what if I set a goal for myself to only produce and consume lady-centric works for the entirety of spring. Now, I've got a couple things already in the works and, to an extent, they will be my only exceptions. 

So from March 20th through June 21st I will be:
  • reading fic only if the main/POV character is a woman or genderqueer
    • this will start by being limited to canon!women characters and if I start getting desperate to the end I may expand to rule 63'd canon-male characters 
    • canon!male characters who are genderqueer or trans women in the fic are also included
    • basically: no always-a-cis-girl-canon-dude fic if I can
    • eta: Oh! also not reading things where a canon!woman is rule 63'd into a dude. I will accept more women than canon, not less.
  • exploring new-to-me canons or revisiting ones I haven't touched in ages that are about women. Bonus if it's about women and created by a woman/women.
  • focusing on creating works that are femslash or are non-romantic and centered around a woman's story
    • this also includes art. I want to draw more women than I have lately. Ok, I want to DRAW more period, but specifically women.
  • The only exceptions I will be making are:
    • editing (not recording) for my extreme podfic big bang. I've got 3 hours of audio recorded for it already and another this weekend, any more can wait to July.
    • recording and editing a ~3hr collaborative podfic with [personal profile] intransitive 
Anything that doesn't fall within this scope will be marked to read/download/listen later if it looks interesting enough to maybe want it in 3 months.

I'm also going to try to leave feedback beyond just kudos and possibly do round-ups of things that I've liked over the past week. But not guarantees about that.

I've got a decent idea of where I want to start but if anyone has recs for fic, podfic, or fandoms please throw them my way!
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