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So, we're going to pretend it hasn't been a year since my last post.

 Hi there fellow podficcer! I'm going to do this in list format because it's easier to organize and will let me put in a handy-dandy list of fandoms for easy reference! \o/

  • Fandoms & their pairings
    • MCU: Femslash! I am weak to Maria/Natasha, but I'm also not OTP-ish about them. (Lady-centric gen is also ace)
    • Check! Please: Pretty much anything goes? Short of some sort of American Pie reenactment at least. (Rans/Holster ftw though)
    • Bend It Like Beckham: Jules/Jess
    • Women's Hockey: all of it. Just, EVERYTHING PLEASE.
    • Temeraire: Laurance/Tharkay/Granby is my main pairing, but I'm not opposed to other pairings. :DDD
    • The Eagle: Marcus/Esca (as this is a fandom where I've got no knowledge of the canon)
    • Young Avengers: America Chavez/Kate Bishop
    • Dead Poets Society: Todd/Neil
    • Addams Family: Gomez/Morticia
    • Mona Lisa Smile: Giselle/Betty
  • Things I really like
    • femslash
    • bro!fic & gen-ish stories
    • Stories that are fun and/or funny and make me make goofy sappy faces when I listen
  • Squicks/dislikes
    • incest
    • hard non-con (TBH, I prefer everything consensual but dub-con is not always a deterrent)
    • relationships where one party has all/most of the power over the other. (Authority figure/someone with far less authority and agency) I'm fine with the one lacking structural power still having agency and influence wrt the other person. If I can't tell that both parties went in of their own free will/bad decisions I'm out.
    • torture porn/gore
    • heavy angst. I'm not fond of crying because of my podfics.
    • awkward situations. I've got a fairly hair-trigger embarrassment squick that gets magnified in audio.
    • drastic age differences (like, participants are of different generations. Kinda fits in w/ the authority thing)

Uh, I think that's it? Any questions can be left here anon or directed through the mods. :D Have fun!
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