Check-In #1

Jun. 24th, 2017 08:21 am
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Today is our first check-in! You can check in over email or on this DW post (the comments on this post are screened, so your check-in here will be private between you and the mods).

Now is also a good time to touch base with your partner(s). Remember that sharing your work-in-progress with your partner(s) is mandatory, and that the minimum requirement is once per check-in. That means that, if you haven't already shared what you have so far, now is the time to do so. Partners, don’t forget to give feedback/encouragement on the work-in-progress when you see it!

Completed writing is due in 3 weeks, on Saturday July 15th. When you check in this weekend, let us know if you feel on track for that deadline so far. We'd also love to know what's going well in your group and any concerns you may have about your group or your project.

It's very early in the game, so if you are anticipating difficulty, this would be a great time to start discussing problem-solving options. We're extremely committed to making sure all participants have as positive an experience as possible! And if everything’s going awesome, YAY, we can’t wait to hear all about it!
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Title: Most Tourists Suck, But I Guess You Don't
Author: [ profile] Margo_Kim
Reader: [ profile] Chestnut_filly
Fandom: Spirited Away and Lilo & Stitch
Pairing: Lilo/Chihiro
Rating: G
Summary: "It was a normal enough day at Nani’s cafe, except for the part where one girl nearly ripped the place apart looking for her mouse. That got Lilo’s attention."
Length: 11:53

Mediafire link


Prompts Master Post

Jun. 22nd, 2017 03:10 pm
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"Nostalgia is a seductive liar." - George W. Ball
Surprize! This year’s prompts are landmarks and milestones of their own - at least for some of you! To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’ve chosen a wide selection of prompts from the past 10 years. And we’ve added a few new ones - just for funsies!

Below you will find a large selection of prompts to inspire you to create some truly landmark creations. As not everyone is inspired by the same things, there are myriad choices including quotations, images, and audio/visual pieces. These theme-based prompts are gathered from myriad places, but you need not be familiar with the original source material. Instead, just find something that speaks to you. Any prompt is available for any participant from either team. And they need not be used literally: symbols, metaphors, and other images speak as powerfully and eloquently as literal interpretations.

Everyone - whether artist or writer - must select a prompt to serve as the basis of their creation. You have between now and 11:59PM EST (like Toronto) on Monday, June 26th. Choose thoughtfully, but if you don’t make your selection by 11:59PM on Friday, June 10th, we will have to release the hounds, hunt you down like a fox, and force it out of you. And, trust us, it won’t be too pretty. The hound in question may not be a hot guy in Animagus form. Heck, it may not even be a sweet ol’ werewolf like Moony. 
 In short, please don’t make us come after you. Most importantly, it’s first come first serve, so the sooner you choose your prompt, the sooner you can start creating.

In order to inspire a greater variety of art and story, we have implemented a cap of not more than four participants per prompt. Because there are many prompts to choose from, that number should not be a problem from a statistical standpoint, but it does require that each person select their top five prompts. We promise that we will make every attempt in the world to give you your top choice. If your top choice is unavailable, we will assign you your second choice and so on. Statistically, it is highly unlikely that anyone will find that all five of their choices are taken, but should that happen, we will contact you immediately to work out a solution. And, as we mentioned before, this is first come/first serve, so prompts will be eliminated as we go along. An additional post will appear soon listing prompt closures. 

In the end, you will only be creating a story/artwork based on a single prompt. If you are inspired by multiple prompts, more power to you, but keep in mind that only one will become the basis for voting. (The voting question is, “How well did the author/artists use their prompt?”) Your story or artwork need not totally revolve around your prompt, but it should still be present in some way. All that really matters is that you find your muse and tell your story.

As with the sign-up post, all comments are screened. Why? Because we want you to choose what YOU want, and not be influenced by the things that others are picking. Obviously, you are free to discuss your prompt choices (or the prompts themselves) with your teammates, but do not forget that the choice is yours and yours alone. When you’ve decided upon your top five prompt choices, please copy the information in the text box and respond to this post. You should receive a confirmation from the Mods within twenty-four hours, and may begin creating as soon as you wish. If, for some reason, you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, please email the Mods at

Note: If choosing a bonus prompt, please write either "Word", " A/V" or "Pic" then the letter. For example: "Pic X"
Note: If you write what the prompt is (Example: "picture of carrot" or "Justin Beiber quote") it is very helpful.

If you have any questions or concerns, please see a Mod.

Thanks and have fun choosing!

Please Note: This year we have both embedded videos (where you can watch the videos on this page) as well as a handy list of the A/V prompts with links (which take you to the host site - in this case, either Youtube or Vimeo). This link list is for participants who may have a slow internet connection, and/or trouble with the page loading. In this case, it is better to access the A/V prompts list directly as opposed to the link from this Prompts Master Post

Word Prompts

Audio/Visual Prompts

Alternative A/V Links List

Picture Prompts

Closed Prompts: 4, 5, 13, 40, Word E

Team Reveals!!

Jun. 21st, 2017 10:45 am
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Well, here’s a milestone in your RS Games journey: Team Reveals!!!!!

Below please find your Team assignments. When you have determined what Team you are on, please make your way to your respective Team Communities and get to know your new friends and Teammates. A welcome post is waiting for you!

But first a few words of love, wisdom, and mild warning:

But no matter what Team you are on, you’ll surely have fun, create some great art/fic, pass a few landmarks, and make new friends. You’ll also enjoy some inter-team activities and get a chance to read, view, and comment on some great R/S works.

A quick note about the Team Communities: If the Main Community is the heart of the Games, your Team Community is the soul. It’s a place to make new friends and bond with your teammates, a place to discuss, share, and support one another. There will be games, ice breakers, discussions, and opportunities to share your work. And, in addition to being a fun place to gather, it’s the place where announcements will be made and questions will be asked - so it’s a pretty important place to be. And, this year, since many of you are new to DW, it’s a great place to go for help with DW questions.

The number one rule of the Team Communities is that it is a safe space. Negative comments about gender, gender presentation, sexuality, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, beliefs, nationality, age, political affiliations, health status, fanfic experience, career, education, physical appearance, lifestyle choices, or any other manner/presentation or pretty much anything that might separate people from one another will NOT be tolerated. Please treat your teammates with kindness and compassion, and be respectful of their feelings and opinions. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, please let a Mod know about the situation. We’re totally here for you!

You should already have received invitations to your Team Communities. If you did not see this in your email inbox, please curse LJ and then, depending on the version of D you are using (the new version or custom/old version), you have two options:

A How-To on Accessing Invitations & Joining Team Communities )




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