lattice_frames: Me in a blue tank top on a lake with oars on port. (Rowing)
Well, fall rowing season just ended today. SO FUCKING PROUD OF MY LADIES HOLY SHIT!!!!!

So our goal for the last regatta of the season was to hit 20:00 (almost got there at 20:07). However, we've had a rivalry with one of the women's 8+s of a local club since May. Every regatta we go to, that's the time to beat, the boat to beat. And today, we did it. And it wasn't me cutting the course better than their coxswain, it was my ladies rowing faster than them and beating them by 4 seconds. Next year though, the time to beat is 19:49. LUC, we've got our eyes on you.

Whooooo, coming down from quite an emotional high there. We raced at 9:47 this morning and it's just starting to fade at quarter to four.
lattice_frames: Me in a blue tank top on a lake with oars on port. (Rowing)
I hate the feeling I always get the first week of spring season. It's this bizarre combination of worry and anxiety with excitement to finally be going back on the water. I get so nervous about not feeling like I belong, even if I know that they like me and I know my erg scores will improve and I will find the rhythm again. I haven't been in a shell since November and it's nerve wracking. Especially when the line-ups say that I'm in the men's boat. In the middle of the men's boat. I'm all of five-foot-flat and about 135, these guys tend to the 5'10" and taller at about 200+. IDEK. But this means that I'll be rowing port on my first day back which is strange and kind of exciting - I haven't been port for a while.

Ack, need to leave in about 15 minutes.


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