Holy shit

Feb. 24th, 2012 06:15 am
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 Argh, trying to register for classes. It was supposed to open at 5:55 am today, it is now 6:24 and I haven't gotten past the preliminary read-this-or-else pages. Can they not schedule things so they actually have the server capacity to handle it? Because that would be awesome. Though, this is the same group of people who keep telling the students doing user interface that they can't fix the broken registration and library sites, so...

6:44 am - finally registered for two of the five classes I wanted. Two of the others require me to talk to the advisers so I can override the system's lack of my prerequisites and I can't register for the last until after the last day of classes because it's currently freshman/sophomores only (but I want my swing dancing).
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I hate the feeling I always get the first week of spring season. It's this bizarre combination of worry and anxiety with excitement to finally be going back on the water. I get so nervous about not feeling like I belong, even if I know that they like me and I know my erg scores will improve and I will find the rhythm again. I haven't been in a shell since November and it's nerve wracking. Especially when the line-ups say that I'm in the men's boat. In the middle of the men's boat. I'm all of five-foot-flat and about 135, these guys tend to the 5'10" and taller at about 200+. IDEK. But this means that I'll be rowing port on my first day back which is strange and kind of exciting - I haven't been port for a while.

Ack, need to leave in about 15 minutes.


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