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Title: Screen control your mother(board)
Author: [ profile] furloughday
Reader: [personal profile] momo 
Cover Artist: [personal profile] annapods 
Rating: General
Length: 01:17:18
Fandom: BBC Merlin
Pairing: Arthur Pendragon/Merlin
Tags: Modern AU - Non magical, Boss/Employee Relationship, Mistaken Identity, "Enemies to Lovers" (in a very loose sense)
Warnings: Ableist language

Summary: Arthur is Merlin's tech support at work.

Link: AO3 [MP3, M4A, M4B, streaming]
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Team: Sirius
Title: The Importance of Being Sirius
Rating: PG
Warnings: Cursing. That's about it!
Genres: Fluffy humour
Word Count: 8400
Summary: Remus Lupin, a simple Literature teacher has to deal with Sirius Black, a History teacher with an unorthodox (and noisy) teaching style.
Notes: Thanks and lots and lots of love to H and J for their unending and unyielding support, help, and suggestions. If It weren't for Sirius and Remus, I wouldn't know either one of you, and I certainly wouldn't have stretched my writing muscles in all sorts of directions. My life would be a lot darker as well!
I want to profess my undying love and gratitude and awe for the mods of the Games, who have been unfailingly wonderful. You did marvelous things here, bringing people together who would never have met otherwise. You've helped create friendships and supported a love for two characters who didn't get treated properly by their creator who meant so much to us. Thank you for your time and patience and your determination!
Prompt: #42 - "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." - Oscar Wilde
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Team: Remus
Title: Let Me Save You
Rating: Teen
Warnings: drug use, mentions of sex, eating disorder mention, self-harm mention, suicide mention
Genres: angst
Word Count: 5700
Summary: Remus, James, and Sirius go to Oxford.
Prompt: #14 - "It's the friends you can call up at four a.m. that matter." - Marlene Dietrich
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Team: Sirius
Title: Heart and Soul
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: reference to recreational drug use, friends with benefits (becoming more), set during first war, jealousy, possessiveness, werewolf tendencies, emotional intimacy, sex potions, sex compulsion, dirty talk, kink negotiation, sexual negotiation, scenting, scent marking, come marking, come play, masturbation, reference to watersports (but no actual watersports), anal fingering, anal sex, post sex fingering, consensual rough sex, enthusiastic consent, biting.
Genres: Romance, smut
Word Count: 13,000
Summary: The dumbest thing Remus ever did was ask Sirius what he wanted to do for his 21st birthday.
The smartest thing he ever did was agree to do it.
Notes: Huge thanks to R for not only looking this over, but being totally, indispensably encouraging and supportive <3. And of course, thanks to the mods for running this amazing fest!
Prompt: #20 - "There was once a young man who wished to gain his Heart's Desire." - opening line of the novel Stardust by Neil Gaiman

[Silmarillion] Three times, the forge

Oct. 22nd, 2017 09:06 pm
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Title: Three times, the forge
Author: [ profile] LiveOakWithMoss
Reader: [ profile] Chestnut_filly
Fandom: The Silmarillion
Pairing: Celebrimbor/Narvi
Rating: T
Summary: "Celebrimbor kisses Narvi. Narvi kisses Celebrimbor. Somehow, Celebrimbor is still perplexed."
Length: 8:35

Mediafire link | Tindeck link

Crossposted to AO3.
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Fic: like a map of a place you've never been by [ profile] bydaybreak
Reader: [ profile] Readbyanalise010
Cover Artist: [ profile] cherie_morte
Beta Listener: [ profile] shmaylor
Fandom: Leverage
Ship: Alec Hardison/Parker/Eliot Spencer
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No warnings apply
Reader's Notes: Podfic Big Bang is the highlight of my summer. It inspires me to push my own boundaries and make the stories that I love, but convince myself I don't have time for. Second, I have to thank my AMAZING beta, [ profile] shmaylor, and my cover artist, [ profile] cherie_morte. Finally, a big thank you to my podfic sister, [ profile] itsadrizzit. Not only did she help me edit and loop the music, she also kept me going when I wanted to give up. Without these amazing people, this podfic would not exist. ♥

Summary: He knows it’d be so fucking easy, if he’d let himself. Because he’s easy for them, has been since that first job, since the day he hauled Hardison’s ass out of a building about to explode. It’d be so easy.

So he won’t.

MP3 [150 MB, 02:44:39]
Podbook [80 MB, 02:44:39]

Podfic Post: AO3 | Dreamwidth
Art Post: At infatuated_ink’s LiveJournal
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Team: Sirius
Title: Seven Simple Machines
Rating: M
Warnings: graphic depictions of violence, graphic drug use, semi-realistic apocalypse scenarios, Not the Healthiest Relationship Ever
Genres: angst/adventure, half AU half canon
Word Count: 60,000 (I’m so sorry)
Summary: From Azkaban, seven machines for remembering the who, the why, and the what now.
Notes: This story was extremely difficult to write, and it wouldn’t exist without K and M. Thank you so much for believing in me and for always giving me something new and surprising to think about, in this and in everything.
Prompt: #38 - "And the wheel that broke as the cart went by.
It is not a voice that is under the eaves.
It is not speech, the sound we hear
In this conversation, but the sound
Of things and their motion: the other man,
A turquoise monster moving round."
- excerpt from the poem “Continual Conversations with a Silent Man” by Wallace Stevens

Brief Interruption for RS Small Gifts

Oct. 20th, 2017 09:40 am
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Hi, there!

Please excuse the brief interruption while we promote our friends and another fantastic fest, RS Small-Gifts! It's the perfect way to spend the holidays with the two fictional wizards you love. All the info is below:

Sign ups for the 12th annual, 2017 R/S Small Gifts Exchange are open! Drop by the <a href="">sign up post</a> at Dreamwidth to celebrate the holidays with all of us, in Remus/Sirius style. Sign ups close on Saturday, October 21 at 10:59 eastern time. Claiming then opens 1 minute later at 11:00 eastern time. Drop us an email at if you have any questions. Thanks so much to the R/S Games mods for this signal boost!

Day 17 - Art: Team Sirius: Stargazing

Oct. 20th, 2017 01:42 am
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Team: Sirius
Title: Stargazing
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Genres: Fluff/Romance
Summary: Sirius stargazing with Remus in the Gryffindor room window seat.
Prompt: #19 - “A philosopher once asked, 'Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?' Pointless, really.... 'Do the stars gaze back?' Now, that's a question.” - from the movie Stardust


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