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After a conversation about the dearth of long-form femslash and lady-centric podfic I got to thinking; what if I set a goal for myself to only produce and consume lady-centric works for the entirety of spring. Now, I've got a couple things already in the works and, to an extent, they will be my only exceptions. 

So from March 20th through June 21st I will be:
  • reading fic only if the main/POV character is a woman or genderqueer
    • this will start by being limited to canon!women characters and if I start getting desperate to the end I may expand to rule 63'd canon-male characters 
    • canon!male characters who are genderqueer or trans women in the fic are also included
    • basically: no always-a-cis-girl-canon-dude fic if I can
    • eta: Oh! also not reading things where a canon!woman is rule 63'd into a dude. I will accept more women than canon, not less.
  • exploring new-to-me canons or revisiting ones I haven't touched in ages that are about women. Bonus if it's about women and created by a woman/women.
  • focusing on creating works that are femslash or are non-romantic and centered around a woman's story
    • this also includes art. I want to draw more women than I have lately. Ok, I want to DRAW more period, but specifically women.
  • The only exceptions I will be making are:
    • editing (not recording) for my extreme podfic big bang. I've got 3 hours of audio recorded for it already and another this weekend, any more can wait to July.
    • recording and editing a ~3hr collaborative podfic with [personal profile] intransitive 
Anything that doesn't fall within this scope will be marked to read/download/listen later if it looks interesting enough to maybe want it in 3 months.

I'm also going to try to leave feedback beyond just kudos and possibly do round-ups of things that I've liked over the past week. But not guarantees about that.

I've got a decent idea of where I want to start but if anyone has recs for fic, podfic, or fandoms please throw them my way!
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So, I know I'm pretty damn hit-and-miss when it comes to updating this. I'm okay with it mostly being podfic updates. This is a far cry from that.

I'm in my second to last quarter of my undergrad and I really, really need to focus on that more than I have been. Especially with my rowing season starting back up in a week.  So, in short I'm going to be going on a hiatus until graduation in mid-June. Pretty much minimal reading, no fannish productivity (outside of a closet cosplay or two for ECCC) until I graduate. I'll still be on Twitter and it's been a good thing that tumblr is refusing to load things properly for me so I can just step away from there. But for the next few months I'll be cheerleading on twitter and book marking everything that comes across my path, and only that.

I've already been under a bit of a moratorium on recording, but I need to make this statement so I hold myself to it and so I don't go and find challenges/fests/things to do when I should be spending that time on homework and studying.

cut for diet and workout talk )
In other news, I'm also scrambling to get cover letters together and apply to jobs to see if I can get a job lined up for post graduation so I'm kinda stressy at the moment. /o\
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Things I need to get done:
  • make stickies
    • master post
    • podfic process and equipment/software
  • finish editing Like A Melody so I can actually listen to[profile] sirona_gs 
  • pick something to do for [community profile] imadeathing 
  • actually track expenditures this month, I've been shittier at it since I stopped than I ever was before. (I started this! \o/)
  • get out and run
  • cut out some of my backlogged podfics
  • record the phone sex podfic with [profile] sly_hostetter 
  • clean and vacuum my room
  • do a bunch of cooking prep and freeze stuff for finals/midterms/running around like a headless chicken
    • veggie mac
    • soups/stews
  • complete and submit my application for JET
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Well, fall rowing season just ended today. SO FUCKING PROUD OF MY LADIES HOLY SHIT!!!!!

So our goal for the last regatta of the season was to hit 20:00 (almost got there at 20:07). However, we've had a rivalry with one of the women's 8+s of a local club since May. Every regatta we go to, that's the time to beat, the boat to beat. And today, we did it. And it wasn't me cutting the course better than their coxswain, it was my ladies rowing faster than them and beating them by 4 seconds. Next year though, the time to beat is 19:49. LUC, we've got our eyes on you.

Whooooo, coming down from quite an emotional high there. We raced at 9:47 this morning and it's just starting to fade at quarter to four.

HP Drabble

Jul. 9th, 2012 07:03 pm
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This came a s a surprise after seeing a gif of Remus's phonograph on tumblr, but I'll go with it.


It felt a bit silly... )


In other news, I've moved to a new place about 7 blocks from my old one, but with slightly noisier surroundings so it's even harder to podfic at home and the libraries with fully-sealable study rooms are closed or under renovations for the summer so I may just commandeer a classroom for an hour or two to record my second [community profile] audiofemme entry.


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