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So, I know I'm pretty damn hit-and-miss when it comes to updating this. I'm okay with it mostly being podfic updates. This is a far cry from that.

I'm in my second to last quarter of my undergrad and I really, really need to focus on that more than I have been. Especially with my rowing season starting back up in a week.  So, in short I'm going to be going on a hiatus until graduation in mid-June. Pretty much minimal reading, no fannish productivity (outside of a closet cosplay or two for ECCC) until I graduate. I'll still be on Twitter and it's been a good thing that tumblr is refusing to load things properly for me so I can just step away from there. But for the next few months I'll be cheerleading on twitter and book marking everything that comes across my path, and only that.

I've already been under a bit of a moratorium on recording, but I need to make this statement so I hold myself to it and so I don't go and find challenges/fests/things to do when I should be spending that time on homework and studying.

Plus, I need to get down to race weight and therefore need to spend the time working to get there. And get back in shape for when I get an oar back in my hand in April. I'm already tracking my meals/work outs but I really should be getting to the gym more often than I am. I'm probably getting there 3x a week and would like to step that up to 6, but at least 5 times. Also I need to drink more water. Holy shit do I need to get better hydrated.
In other news, I'm also scrambling to get cover letters together and apply to jobs to see if I can get a job lined up for post graduation so I'm kinda stressy at the moment. /o\


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