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I've been promising this for a while now and am finally getting around to it at the start of 2013

Let's get down to business...


Links are all to the AO3 post, if it hasn't been updated here it'll be found under my podfic tag


50,000 Unstoppable Watts: rated T, "He doesn't even seem to be aware that he's dripping wet and--except for his arm guard and his shooting glove--completely naked." 10:22, Clint/Coulson

Conditional Value At Risk: rated T, Phil is a financial genius insomniac who runs an all-night coffee shop/bakery. He spends his time not sleeping, arguing with his semi-sentient (he swears) coffee machine, and managing the legendary Coulson stock portfolio. He thinks that's enough - until a gorgeous blue-eyed stranger stumbles into his shop one early Wednesday morning and shakes things up without even trying. 1:32:02 Clint/Coulson

Cut To Fit: rated G, When Jane moves into the mansion, she takes Darcy with her. 39:59 Clint/Darcy

Gangráðr, Faðmbyggvir Friggjar: rated T, Less than a week before her wedding, Frigga warns Jane of ancient Asgardian rituals she and Thor must undergo before her marriage ceremony. Jane and Thor call on their friends for help as they face what might be the challenge of their lives. 2:04:59 Jane/Thor

RED: rated Ex, These are not all lies. 1:05:32 Maria/Natasha, warnings: rape/non-con (not explicit)

This Is Not My Ninja Shirt: rated T, Darcy is undercover and Clint is dubious. 24:40 Clint/Darcy


It's a revolution, You Can Tell Because We're Dancing: rating G, bandom twitter not!fic 4:16 bit of everything

Hawaii Five-0
Ku'ia Ka Wāwae: rating G, Steve was, honestly, minding his own business 20:58 Danny/Steve

Harry Potter

Ever After: rating T, non-magic AU. Once upon a time, an astrophysicist was wooed by the gay Scheherazade... 27:41 Remus/Sirius

Old Spice Commercials

Smell Like A Yeti: rating G, Hello, Yuletiders. Look at your submission, now at mine, now back at your submission, now back at mine. Sadly, it isn't mine, but if you sign up for Old Spice Guy next Yuletide, it could be in the same category as mine. I'm writing this summary while riding a horse backwards. Anything is possible when your fandom is Old Spice Guy! 9:33 Gen


Shawn loves food (but he loves Gus more): rating G, The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, tumblr not!fic 4:46 Gus/Shawn

Teen Wolf

Like a Melody (it won't leave my head): rating T, Stiles doesn't notice the constant buzzing in his head until it's gone. 58:06 & 57:13 Derek/Stiles

Stargate (Atlantis and SG-1)

Ad Astra Per Aspera: rating G, It was the biggest scandal to rock Atlantis since Dr. Raymond Edeet, Head of Botany, took off and eloped with a sentient fern. Col. Cameron Mitchell, leader of Gate Team 3, was pregnant with octuplets. And Col. John Sheppard was the father. 4:20 Cam/John

Care: rating M,  If you're going to have sex fifty feet away from your boss, you have to take precautions 7:51 Cadman/Brown

Gateway: rating T, They've been playing at this for weeks, and Teyla could spend a few more weeks at it yet; there's more fun in drawing such things out, really. 4:44 Jennifer/Teyla

Writen works!

Remember the Good Times: rating G, Remus packs his old phonograph before returning to Hogwarts. 185 words Remus/Sirus

not!fic can be found under the tag accidentally not!ficced on tumblr

snippets are tagged as I accidentally a fic on tumblr


can be found under the tag my art on tumblr and in various smatterings on twitter but I'll mostly be posting the finished stuff to tumblr.

transformative works policy

Yes, please! Feel free to make podfics, art, remixes, repods, teas for, or anything else you can imagine of my work. I'd appreciate it if you dropped me a line with a link once you've posted so I could link back to it and ooze glee all over you, but feel free to do that at your own pace. (It doesn't need to be same day, or even the same month!) If something is too personal for me to feel comfortable with releasing it into the wild, I will put notes saying so in my notes in the post and specify what is allowed to be made of that work (ie, if remixes or repods are a no-go but visual art or a fanmix is okay). The probability of this happening is low, but still a possibility I'd like to cover.

Just remembered to add this: ALL NOT!FICS ARE UP FOR GRABS AS PLOTS! I'd appreciate a link back or, better yet, a comment/note saying that it was written. They are mainly me getting plots out of my head that I have neither time nor energy to write but would LOVE to see existing.

Also, should (by some wild fancy or whatever) you feel a desperate, burning need to tattoo something I've written or a picture I've drawn into your skin, PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! Also with the art if you let me know ahead of time, I might be able to send you a larger and higher res image than what's available online if I still have the files. Basically, yes and I'd love to see it!

links to meta

none yet

my podfic process

Well then. I use one of two microphones with my primary mic being the built-in on my phone and my secondary being a mic-jack twisty neck thing. I will usually record all in one go, but if it's a long fic I'll take breaks between pieces. For chaptered fic I break between chapters and sometimes that can be standing up to get tea and stretch or it can be weeks or months before the next one is recorded.

Anywho! EDITING! I usually edit in fits and starts using Audacity. Most often I've got headphones in so I can catch the little things but sometimes I'll edit headphone free if the housemates are out (for the quiet and less awkward if I'm editing porn). Once I've done a once-through of major edits (usually adding effects at this stage), I'll listen through once more for things I've missed and timing. I add music at this point if I'm gonna do so. Then I export as an mp3 and make cover art if I'm going to. The mp3 goes into the zune player (yes, yes, I know. I actually really like it so stfu) where I attach the cover art, metadata, and other info. Then I upload it and make a post on my journal, xpost to amplificathon, and maybe xpost somewhere else (if I remember).  Eventually this gets xposted to AO3 and (presumably) I update my master list with the link.


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